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📒 Adway Summer Playbook 

9 reasons this summer is a historic opportunity for TA


Adway Summer Playbook

5 ways to take advantage

  • Why summer and holiday periods drive 3x the results
  • The factors making this summer a unique time window
  • 5 actions to fill your talent pipeline
Way simpler. Way smarter.
Way more talent.

What is Adway all about?
We don’t just do automated social recruitment marketing - we make it work. Harness the power of social media and our AI platform to create a talent attraction journey that gets results, and frees you to meet a higher volume of relevant candidates instead of hunting for them. 

It could not get simpler
A combination of agencies and tools can help you create, publish, and optimize paid recruitment ads. And that's great.

But if you want to build candidate attraction journeys that are on-brand, targeted, and automatically created the moment your ATS opens a new role? Without even having to login to the platform? Talk to us!

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