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Twice the applicants PLUS a 33% reduction in costs



Challenge: Reaching Specialised Talent in a Competitive Context

Strukton Rail AB maintain and build new rail systems across Sweden. For Strukton Rail, employees are the key organisational asset! Employee expertise and a learning, helpful culture work together to create the right environment for success.


This fantastic employer nevertheless struggled with an employer brand relatively unknown outside of the railway industry. As a consequence, job listings had to work that much harder to attract needed talent such as electricians and other skilled workers.

Candidates also needed to be based in, or willing to travel to, remote areas of Sweden for lengthy stretches of time.
To make a challenging situation worse, electricians are currently in great shortage on the Swedish talent market... let alone electricians specialised in railways, tramways or subways. Before Adway, Strukton Rail struggled to attract a single applicant for these and other roles!

Strukton Rail knew they needed to invest in social media to reach passive candidates, and initially went the agency route. Results were good - but did not deliver at a feasible ROI while the expense limited the number of roles that could be promoted.


Strukton Rail contribute to a sustainable future by making punctual and safe railway traffic possible.

To do this, they need engaged electricians, welders, drivers, project managers and other wonderful colleagues who love to take great personal responsibility and make projects happen.

This talent market is competitive and niched, while the work itself is distributed across remote areas.
Adway helps Strukton Rail talent acquisition run as if on rails! 




Solution: Targeted Social Recruitment Ads that delivered on ROI 

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Through Adway Strukton Rail unlocked: 


  • A fully automated vacancy ad process, with no need for time consuming and costly marketing overheads, across all relevant social platforms

  • Targeted, high-performance vacancy campaigns at the click of a button

  • Data based strategic advice to pinpoint hard-to-find talent and streamline their candidate journey

Results: Shorter Time-To-Hire at a fraction of the cost with zero manual input.

  • Time Saved: Adway’s automated solution means zero time spent on lengthy, detail heavy agency communications! In addition, double the applications per vacancy equals less time spent on sourcing.

  • Money Saved: 33% of their previous budget saved in their first year with Adway! We’ll continue to save them a predicted 16% annually.  

  • More Vacancies Advertised at a Lower Cost: With Adway’s strategic automation software in place, Strukton Rail were no longer limited to advertising a few vacancies at costly agency rates. Today 60% of their vacancies are advertised on social media using Adway.

  • More Relevant Candidates: Before onboarding with Adway, Strukton Rail often struggled to find any candidates for some roles. With Adway their applicant volume DOUBLED and ensured all roles were filled.

  • More Recruitments Handled In House: Adway’s platform empowered the Strukton Rail recruitment team to have full control over all vacancy campaigns, eliminating the need for manual input.

  • Shorter Time-To-Hire: Adways targeted strategy meant better qualified candidates at half the sourcing time. This results in more time freed up for the team to screen candidates which equalled a drastically shorter time-to-hire! 
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Adway went over and beyond my expectations!


We’ve seen a 100% increase in applications since we started with Adway with an added, unexpected bonus of valuable, hands-on, data driven advice on how we can make our candidate journey even better." 

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Karin Flodin

Recruitment Manager at Strukton Rail