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144% Increase in Relevant Talent




PEAB is a juggernaut within construction and civil engineering, with over 16,000 employees and a very specific talent acquisition goal: to hire large volumes of local personnel across several countries, whilst engaging with their full talent pool.

Meeting this goal involved strengthening their employer brand, building a better presence among target audiences, and creating a more diverse workforce. PEAB needed a targeted talent acquisition strategy that could ensure cost savings, and make day-to-day talent acquisition processes efficient as well as data driven.

Since their target candidate audience was spread across many regions, they also needed to maintain quality control over job advertisements to keep their brand and presence consistent across channels.

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PEAB is a Nordic Community Builder with 16,000 employees and net sales of SEK 58 billion. With a local presence and focus on owned resources, PEAB develops and builds everyday life where it is lived.

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As a complex multinational company, PEAB needed to implement a digital talent attraction strategy that centralized recruitment marketing and talent acquisition across the entire organisation. They partnered with Adway to do what we do best:

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From the moment a vacancy is created in the ATS, Adway Connect automates the process of on-brand job ad creation, publication, targeting and optimisation, leading to immense time saving.

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Adway experts worked together with PEAB to quickly create engaging and programmatic employer branding campaigns, strengthening the employer brand and growing the social talent pool 24/7.

Decreased need for external recruitment services-1


Adway does more than just push out ads - we create smooth, engaging candidate journeys. A newer, smoother application process designed for quick application from any device ensured results.


By automating job advertisements across social and increasing target audience relevance through our AI powered platform, PEAB freed up countless hours for their on-the-ground recruiters to focus on meeting great candidates.


increase in applications per vacancy


higher proportion of female applicants


higher engagement rate

Fully Data Driven

Anita Florén, Head of Recruitment at PEAB, discusses PEAB's talent acquisition partnership with Adway, and how working with Adway helped her organisation excel in their talent attraction process.

And So Much More

Increased number of relevant applicants-1

Real impact on diversity

In one initiative, ads through the Adway platform increased the proportion of female applications with 72% compared to other channels, such as job boards.

Strengthened Employer Brand-2


The employer branding project created an astounding increase in brand recognition: 17.6% of men and 21.4 % of women remembered the PEAB campaign.

Positive effects on time to hire


Smart, automated candidate journeys through Adway freed up significant time from the in-house team, allowing recruiters to focus on meeting candidates rather than searching for them.

See how we create results

“We have more than doubled the number of applicants”

Since we started working with Adway we have more than doubled the number of candidates into our vacancies, and that is a fantastic result. And we have also made sure that we attract relevant candidates because we have a high engagement on our ads.

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Anita Florén

Head of Recruitment @ Peab