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115% growth in completed assignments



Challenge: Scale social recruiting

OnePartnerGroup was quick to embrace social recruiting, with a clear and active strategy for social media that allowed them to take a strong position in the candidate market. 

The problem? The work was largely manual, making it labour intensive. This approach became too costly and slow as each regional department needed to tailor their content and approach. 

And OnePartnerGroup knew it needed to scale their social efforts. Firstly, they wanted to nurture a uniform brand presence across all 24 regions of the country in order to ensure long term business growth. Secondly, they sought a more efficient way to acquire great candidates for end clients.

The forward thinking team at OnePartnerGroup turned to Adway for a solution. They were interested in the efficiency of an automated platform built for scale, and saw the potential of using machine learning to understand and adapt messaging to each talent pool - a level of insight not possible when relying on manual processes.


OnePartnerGroup is a 3 000 employee strong partner that offers expert recruitment, staffing, training, and production solutions with a broad scope and presence in over 50 cities.


Solution: Central campaign automation 

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The answer? Adway Connect, an automated social recruitment marketing platform implemented at a central level yet easily tailored for local needs. Our platform allowed this recruitment expert to increase ad volume and velocity, all while decreasing cost and time investment.


OnePartnerGroup could now make a complete switch from creating custom campaigns at high cost for only priority assignments, to running great campaigns for 100% of client vacancies.


At a fraction of the cost, and while ensuring creative room where it was needed. 

Results: More applicants, more completed assignments

From 100 campaigns in 2020, OnePartnerGroup was able to scale to 2000+ multi ad, multi brand campaigns within six months of switching to Adway. All while freeing up significant cost and time savings.

The smart automation together with access to Adway social recruiting experts allowed for quick results, too: within a quarter of using Adway Connect, OnePartnerGroup saw an immediate increase of applicants to vacancies along with a 115% growth in completed assignments. In other words, the candidates were of higher quality as well. The investment made in Adway Connect has become a competitive advantage and USP in client dialogues.


As a cherry on top, Adway empowered OnePartnerGroup with a central control room for tracking and understanding results. Results which they  could now easily report down to their end clients. And because Adway allows for different parts of the organisation to create and track unique digital audiences, while aggregating them all in one place, regional as well as central parts of the organisation could now reel in the best talent, much faster.

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A superb mix of human and technical expertise


“With reliable data and better insights about our target groups, we are more proactive than ever. And with the team at Adway as our extended arms and brains, we get a superb mix of human and technical expertise. We get the automated platform and strategic advisory, all at once.”

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Jane Bergman

Employer Branding Manager @ One Partner Group