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Nexer Recruit help ambitious clients to grow and recruit the right fit specialist competence needed. This task requires Nexer Recruit to constantly change and grow themselves - always keeping an innovative mindset.  

”We chose to work with Adway because they work based on data, and for us, that’s a necessity”

By working with Adway, Nexer Recruit are able to reach candidates where candidates actually are - social media. Nexer Recruit can today deliver the exact right candidate for the role in a seamless way, all while keeping their ear to the ground and understanding how candidates move and engage.



Nexer Recruit is a specialist recruitment actor on the Swedish market, focussed on IT and tech talent. Nexer Recruit works as a strategic partner to find the right candidate for the right role.



Adway recruitment marketing

  381% more applications with Adway automated recruitment marketing


  1 out of 3 tech applications now come through Adway 


  Time to hire shortened by 24% measured conservatively


  Data driven approach ensures control over recruitment marketing




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