Adway tech recruiting case

200% higher fill rate, at half the cost 


Challenge: Meeting fast expansion needs in tech recruitment

ELITS is an IT consultant specialized in infrastructure and Cloud technologies. They help Nordic companies solve complex problems and create innovative software, sourcing senior tech talent and building bespoke teams as needed.

The tech recruitment market had become extremely competitive: ELITS needed to be one step ahead to reach top candidates through the noise. They also faced an additional challenge. Business was growing at an extremely rapid pace - the volume of qualified applicants needed to rise, and quick.

Traditional recruiting channels were no longer cutting it, yet early investments in social recruitment marketing were not driving results either. It was time to do what ELITS do best: find the smartest possible solution. ELITS reached out to us at Adway for a better way to leverage social media and automated recruitment marketing.



ELITS is a Swedish IT consultancy specialised in Cloud and infrastructure, helping Nordic companies meet their most complex needs in a full package solution - including the best tech talent.



 200% higher fill rate


 5x more applications per vacancy


 Half the recruitment marketing cost



Solution: Smarter social recruiting

Adway smart social recruiting graphic
Through Adway, ELITS unlocked

👉  Targeted, high-performance vacancy campaigns with zero start time and zero man hours required

👉  A fully automated vacancy ad process, handled through a few clicks or less directly from the ATS with no need for overhead through marketing

👉  An always-on candidate inflow, with social talent pools growing and accessible in ATS


👉  An effective social recruiting strategy, with employer branding campaigns working to boost vacancy advertising

Results: Zero sourcing time. Half the cost. And twice the fill rate.


In a hyper competitive talent market, the results speak for themselves.



  200% increase in fill rate through social ads

  5x more applications per vacancy

  60% of all commissions now filled through Adway social ads

  Halved the recruitment marketing cost per year


  0 hours spent on recruitment marketing




Incredibly smooth and allowed us to work strategically

“As soon as we saw the demo we understood the potential. Adway completely removed the hassle of advertising vacancies, and allowed us to work strategically with branding campaigns.

We now have always-on advertising with engagement metrics off the charts, and our talent pipeline is constantly filled. Incredibly smooth."

Linus Berglund photo

Linus Berglund

Recruitment Manager @ ELITS

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